Narasimha tapini Upanishad

It is one of the 31 Upanishads attached with Atharvaveda, and classified as one of the Vaishnava Upanishad. It is presented in two parts, the Purva Tapaniya Upanishad and the Uttara Tapaniya Upanishad, which formed the main scriptures of Nrisimha sect of the Vaishnavas. The text is notable for asserting a fourfold identity, that Atman (soul, self) is same as Om, Brahman (Absolute Reality) and Vishnu Man-Lion avatar Nrisimha. The Upanishad opens with verses of the Rigveda. Its foundation of monism philosophy, as well its style is also found in other Vaishnava Upanishads such as those dedicated to Rama. The Nrisimha Mantra, with its four supplementary mantras, is enunciated with the epithet "mantraraja" (king of hymns). It has "Om" as the foremost hymn which is repeatedly emphasized throughout this Upanishad. The text discusses Nrisimha Mantra and related hymns. The Upanishad’s invocation and concluding hymns are prayers to the Devas, Indra, Sun, and Garuda as destroyer of evil, seeking blessings of eyes to see and offer obeisance and to enjoy a life span that the divine being ordains. Brihaspati, lord of prayer or devotion, too is invoked to bestow health, prosperity and peace. The Upanishad is presented in two parts, Poorva Tapaniya Upanishad which has five sub divisions which are also called Upanishads, and the Uttara Tapaniya Upanishad which consists of nine sections.


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