Saura Puran

Saurapurāṇa ( ौरपुराण) is an Upapurāṇa depicting Śaivism.—In the most of the lists [of upapurāṇas] in the fifteenth place, there is the mention of one Saura, the repository of all the ends of life or Saura, an extremely wonderful work. It is to be noted that the present Saurapurāṇa calls itself a supplement to the Brahma Purāṇa and says that it deals with the topic connected with Śiva and consists of two Saṃhitās, the first Saṃhitā being declared by Sanatkumāra and the second by Sūrya to Vaivasvata Mau. Though the earlier Saurapurāṇa which was called Sāvitra, is described as mahādbhūta, (extremely wonderful) and sarvārthasaṃcaya (a repository of all the ends of life), it does not seem to have been drawn upon by any of Nibandha writers. The earlier Saura was unpopular or was lost and replaced by the present Saura. In the present state of our knowledge we cannot know whether this earlier Saurapurāṇa was a Śaiva, Śakta,Vaiṣṇava or Saura work and what the nature of its contents was. Thus, the extant Saurapurāṇa is an Upapurāṇa but like other Upapurāṇas it styles itself simply Purāṇa not Upapurāṇa.


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