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Vaimānika Shastra

Vaimanika Shastra or Vymaanika-shaastra is a very strange illustrated book about ancient flying machines from vedic India. The book is extremely detailed in the description of the technology behind aircraft, the metals used, assembly of planes and the theory of using planes in the war. Vaimanika Shastra was part of Yantra Sarvasva. Vaimanika Shastra deal with the secrets of constructing aeroplanes that cannot be broken or cut, that is indestructible, that is fire resistant. It deals with the secret of making planes motionless and invisible. It deals with the secrets of destroying enemy planes, ascertaining the direction of approach of enemy planes, etc. There is an elaborate description of how various types of Vimanas were built like Rukma, Mandala, Shakuna, Padmaka, Pushkara,etc. The pilots were referred as “Rahasya gnyanadhikari” , meaning he one who has the secret knowledge of flying. The 32 secrets were contained in the training manual for pilots. There is mention of mercury, solar energy used as fuel. Electrical motors, gyroscopes are explained in detail.


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