Vamana Purana

Vamana Purana- The text is named after one of the incarnations of Vishnu and probably was a Vaishnavism text in its origin. However, the modern surviving manuscripts of Vamana Purana are more strongly centered on Shiva, while containing Chapters that revere VIshnu and other Gods and Goddesses. It is considered a Shaivism text. The earliest core of the text has been dated variously between 450 CE - 900 CE, but most scholars favor the 9th to 11th century. The text includes Chapters glorifying Vishnu, but includes many more chapters glorifying Shiva. The text also glorifies various goddesses. The text barely contains, even as few Chapters, of cosmology, genealogy, mythology and Manavantaras expected in a Purana. The text includes Saro-Mahatmya, which is a 28 Chapter guide to the Tirthas, rivers and forests of region around Thanesar and Kurukshetra in modern Haryana, as well as sites in modern eastern Punjab (India). The text also mentions geography and sites in South India.


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ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः