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Vishnudharma Purana

Both Vishnudharma and Vishnudharmottara are Upa Puranas but they are very significant and famous in the Vaishnava cult. Both the Puranas are well-known among the Vaishnavites as they have rules & regulations, rituals and duties related to Vaishnava cult and philosophy. 200 – 300 AD is the period considered for Vishnudharma Purana. During this period there was spread of Buddhism which was not acceptable to the author of Vishnudharma Purana. Hence he refers to people who were the followers of Buddhism in that period as anti religion, orthodox, uncultured, etc. Hence this Purana was composed to reconstruct the Vedic religion. May be Vishnudarma Purana was composed in northwest part of India because it has descriptions of that region. Dwaitadweda philosophy is the overall philosophy of Vishnudharma Purana. Union of self with Narayana is considered as the ultimate aim of life. For that union with Parabrahma Dnyanayoga is suggested. On the other hand, worship of Vishnu is suggested to those for whom Dnyanayoga is not possible to attain. ओम् मो वा ुदेवाय-Om namo vasudevaya is the chant of this Purana.


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