Anxiety & Stress: Yoga is Solution

Have you ever met an accident? Or any critical situation? Or heard about any bad news? So, do you remember how your body reacted in all these conditions? When any living being faces any danger in front of him, the body reacts almost the same for all of us. Whether a bull chasing a dog or a dog is chasing you, anxiety is the same for all body types. Have you ever met an accident? Or any critical situation? Or heard about any bad news? So, do you remember how your body reacted in all these conditions? When any living being faces any danger in front of him, the body reacts almost the same for all of us. Whether a bull chasing a dog or a dog is chasing you, anxiety is the same for all body types. 

Anxiety & Stress: Yoga is Solution

Symptoms & Side-effects

So, what actually happens when a dog is chasing you? Your amygdala, which is the concentration part of your brain, identifies the threat and trigger the release of Adrenaline that is released into the bloodstream and serves as chemical mediators, and also convey the nerve impulses to various organs whose basic function is to prepare the body for fight or flight mode in the stressful conditions. This releases adrenaline speeds up your heart and breath, expands your lungs passages to make sure plenty of oxygen gets into the muscles that are required to run away from the threat. Your muscles will be ready for action and when you face your fear, all other systems of the body shut down like digestion, reproduction, salivation to save energy for fight or flight response. Blood flow diverted away from stomach & skin and nerves involved in arousal gets turned off.

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Anxiety is common in all of us

All these things happened at the same moment in your body and were wonderfully adapted by your body to fly away from your fear. Anxiety is the signal of the mind that prepares the body for fight and flight response. The symptoms of anxiety all include the condition of your body when a dog or bull is chasing you. 

  • Increased Heart rate and breathing
  • Tensed muscles
  • Stomach aching
  • The feeling of pins and needles
  • Dry Mouth
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • No feeling of sex

All these symptoms lead to many side effects physically and mentally

  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Low sperm count or other reproductive issues
  • Memory loss and difficulty in decision making
  • Depression
  • Feeling guilty and helpless
  • Ocean of negative thoughts
  • Suicidal tendencies

Types of Anxiety

Different types of fear cause different types of Anxiety, which includes:

Uncertainty Fear

Most common fear deals with unnecessary thoughts and feelings, and are not aware about what’s going on with their mind. This fear includes anxiety,

  1. General Anxiety: deals with unnecessary worries and tension even when nothing is there to provoke the situation.
  2. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD): characterized by recurrent, unwanted thoughts (obsessions) and/or repetitive behaviors (compulsions) such as Handwashing, Counting, Cleaning etc.

Losing Control Fear:

Fear deals with panic attacks. This fear cause anxiety like,

  • Panic Disorder: Occur by any shock or repeated episode of one’s fear. Recurring Physical symptoms due to anxiety, like chest pain, abdominal distress and shortness of breath can lead to such panic attacks.

Evaluation fear

The most common fear of being judged and watched. This fear includes,

  • Social Anxiety: Happened due to social phobia that includes the inability to speak in certain situations or not eating or drinking in front of many people.

Catastrophic Fear

This includes the belief or thought that something bad would happen all time of the day. This fear includes anxiety like,

  • Separation Anxiety: Specific fear of phobias that deals with the stress of separation regarding home or parents or to anybody with whom a person has an emotional attachment.

How Anxiety Leads to Depression?

Anxiety and Depression are 2 different disorders though the signs and symptoms of both are almost similar. Anxiety is a healthy emotion and natural response of the body in case of fear and danger. Feeling low and emotional due to some heartbreaking moments of life is normal and natural. Problems reside when a low mood and dull state of mind persist for a longer period of time and that requires medical help for the person.

Anxiety & Depression

How the body reacts in terms of anxiety is a normal condition but in severe cases of anxiety disorders, the body adapts this reaction 24*7 without any danger or fear. Continuation of any anxiety disorders leads to a depressive state of mind and often ends with multiple health disorders, pills overloading, and sometimes the risk of life.

How COVID-19 Pandemic effect Lives

Due to COVID-19 people are facing a lot of pressure for social and economic status. Where many people are struggling with ways of earning more money for their living & conscious about their future, others are facing lifestyle issues and dealing with unbalanced weight management, mental and physical illnesses. According to a study, the lockdown has increased the crime percentage in India that including Domestic Violence, Rape, Suicides, and Murders.

Information resources, fears, and future worries boost negative thoughts and anxiety in people. Lockdown affects many people’s normal lifestyle routine and works environment. Option for ‘work from home’ provided by many Multinational companies to their employees impacts their social life and mental & physical health. The shutdown of the fitness industry and many small businesses hit harder on half of the population of the country, which is again the strong reason for anxiety and depression among people in the pandemic. Emotional and mental imbalances between couples and families with the further pressure of household things lead to clashes between couples and broken relationships. 

COVID-19 pandemic affects people from personal to professional in all aspects. It seeds anxiety and depression among people that leads to physical and mental damage in an individual’s life. 

Yoga For Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety is not only the result of chemical imbalance but also the complex condition of the mind for many people. Serotonin levels or ‘feel-good hormones’ are often found less in anxious people and depressive people. This further overlaps both the disorders. Serotonin plays an important role in mood regulation, sleep, and sexual activity. It has been studied that many Yoga asanas improve Serotonin levels in the human body and are also good in depression and anxiety.


Surya Namaskara

Good for all systems of the body including the Respiratory, Reproductive, Circulatory, Digestive System and Endocrine system. It balances the hormones and reduces stress and anxiety.


This asana is good for thyroid, abdominal issues, improves blood circulation to the brain, improves flexibility of spine & legs and relaxes mind and body.


Child pose is good for digestive disorders, it improves blood circulation in the abdominal region and massages all organs of the abdominal area like the kidney, liver, and pancreas, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Adhomukh Svanasana

Energizes the body, boosts immunity, increases blood circulation in the brain and helps in mood regulation and also balances hormones and reduces anxiety.


It is good for maintaining blood pressure, balancing the endocrine system, relaxing the whole body and mind, reducing stress and increasing happy hormones in the body.


Meditation boosts the healing power of the body, rejuvenates every cell of the body, it relaxes the brain waves and hence improves the productivity of the mind. As per research meditation is the best cure for anxiety, depression or any other mental illnesses. Follow a program of Yoga Nidra for easy meditation.



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