A place which was once known as the ‘Land of seekers’. A place that attracted all the intellectual minds of the world. A place whose own wealth and wisdom triggered its own destruction. This “place” which we are talking about is called “Bharat”, also known as India in the modern era.

Bharat was never considered a nation, until recently. It was looked upon as one civilization. But where did things take a bend? Let’s look at this in brief.

Nowadays if people are identified mostly to something other than their caste, creed, religion, business, or family, that is their “Nation”.

Apart from self-preservation, if people are literally bothered about something, that is the place where they live. From various historical documents, we know that how people across the globe have sacrificed their lives just for the sake of their Nations. Even today during Global summits, events, and sports tournaments we see what a Nation means to an individual.

But, this concept of Nation never existed in Bharat!! Well, it may sound strange, but that’s how Truth is – “Strange yet simple”.

From its origin till foreign invasions, Bharat was unified not politically, ethnically, or racially, but culturally. It used to be one massive civilization having the same cultural heritage.

The Principal Reason

The Principal Reason

This is a principal reason why Bharat has so many diversified entities. Each of the locations have its own language, music, dress and food. This boosted creativity and innovation across the whole civilization.

It was only during the Turkic invasions & colonial rule, Bharat took the form of a rigid nation to protect its identity and heritage.

For many of you, there may be a question, which may bother you, what is the difference between nation and civilization on a broader scale? Well, frankly speaking, they are worlds apart. We will come up with a detailed comparison in the near future.

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