Samajik (Societal) Sankalp

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Samajik (Societal) Sankalp

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हिंदू नव वर्ष 2024, विक्रम संवत 2081


Steps to take


Samajik Kadams for bringing change

Samajik Sankalp is a commitment that requires collective efforts and individual actions.


Using Khadi and Local Products

Using Khadi and supporting local products Sankalp" is a commitment to promoting sustainable and locally-made products, with a focus on Khadi, a hand-spun and handwoven fabric that holds historical and cultural significance in India.

Reasons to Take Samajik Sankalp Pledges:

Taking Samajik Sankalp is important for several reasons:

Collective Impact:

Samajik Sankalp pledges foster a sense of collective responsibility and empower individuals to create a significant impact on social issues. By working together, individuals can address complex challenges and bring about positive change.

Social Harmony:

Samajik Sankalp promotes social harmony and unity by fostering understanding, cooperation, and empathy among diverse communities. It helps in building bridges and breaking down barriers that divide society.


Taking Samajik Sankalp pledges empowers individuals to become agents of change. By actively engaging in social initiatives, individuals can contribute to their community's upliftment and well-being.

Fulfillment of Dharma:

From a dharmic perspective, Samajik Sankalp aligns with the fulfillment of one's duty (dharma) to contribute to the welfare of society. It reinforces the notion that selfless service is an essential part of one's spiritual journey.

Community Building:

Samajik Sankalp fosters a sense of belonging and community building. By participating in social activities and initiatives, individuals strengthen their connections with others and develop a shared sense of purpose.


Positive Legacy:

By taking Samajik Sankalp pledges, individuals leave a positive legacy for future generations. Their efforts and contributions towards social welfare can inspire others to continue the work and create a lasting impact on society.

Personal Growth:

Engaging in Samajik Sankalp allows individuals to grow personally by developing empathy, compassion, and leadership skills. It provides opportunities for self-discovery and self-realization through acts of service.

Establishing Dharma

By taking this Sankalp you'll also help in establishing Dharma in a society and it will make you feel proud of being a Sanatani.

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