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Ramayana 1 12

धर्मज्ञस्सत्यसन्धश्च प्रजानां च हिते रतः । यशस्वी ज्ञानसम्पन्नश्शुचिर्वश्यस्समाधिमान् ।।1.1.12।।

dharmajñassatyasandhaśca prajānāṃ ca hite rataḥ । yaśasvī jñānasampannaśśucirvaśyassamādhimān ।।1.1.12।।


Pious, firm in his vows, he is ever intent on doing good to his subjects. He is, illustrious, wise, and pure at heart. Shree Ram is obedient to elders (or accessible to those who are dependent on him) and ever meditating (on the means of protecting those who take refuge in him).

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