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Chanakya Neeti 9 11

प्रातर्द्यूतप्रसङ्गेन मध्याह्ने स्त्रीप्रसङ्गतः । रात्रौ चौरप्रसङ्गेन कालो गच्छन्ति धीमताम् ॥

prātardyūtaprasaṅgena madhyāhne strīprasaṅgataḥ | rātrau cauraprasaṅgena kālo gacchanti dhīmatām ||


Wise men spend their mornings in discussing gambling, the afternoon discussing the activities of women, and the night hearing about the activities of theft. (The first item above refers to the gambling of King Yuddhisthira, the great devotee of Krishna. The second item refers to the glorious deeds of mother Sita, the consort of Lord Ramachandra. The third item hints at the adorable childhood pastimes of Sri Krishna who stole butter from the elderly cowherd ladies of Gokula. Hence Chanakya Pandits advises wise persons to spend the morning absorbed in Mahabharata, the afternoon studying Ramayana, and the evening devotedly hearing the Srimad-Bhagvatam.)


English Translation

सुबह उठकर दिन भर जो दाव आप लगाने वाले है उसके बारे में सोचे. दोपहर को अपनी माँ को याद करे. रात को चोरो को ना भूले.

Hindi Translation

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