Hulimavu Karagamma

Hulimavu Karagamma is a popular deity worshiped by the Kodava tribe of Karnataka. She is believed to be the goddess of forests and fertility and is an integral part of the Kodava culture and traditions.


According to Kodava legend, Hulimavu Karagamma was a powerful demoness who lived in the dense forests of Coorg. She was known for her unpredictable nature and was feared by many. One day, a group of Kodava hunters managed to capture her and bring her to the village. Impressed by their courage and strength, Hulimavu Karagamma decided to bless them and protect them from harm. From that day onwards, the Kodava people started worshipping her as a goddess.

Religious Aspect:

The worship of Hulimavu Karagamma involves a range of rituals and practices that are believed to invoke her blessings and protection. These include offerings of flowers, fruits, and other items, as well as the lighting of lamps and the chanting of hymns and prayers. The Kodava people also perform a unique dance known as the "karaga dance" as part of their worship of Hulimavu Karagamma. This dance involves a man dressed as the goddess, carrying a decorated pot on his head, and dancing to the beat of drums and cymbals. It is considered a powerful and sacred ritual that symbolizes the strength and courage of the Kodava people.


Hulimavu Karagamma is often depicted as a fierce and powerful goddess. She is shown holding a trident in one hand and a sword in the other, and is believed to have the power to protect the Kodava people from harm and bring fertility to the land. She is also associated with the forests and is said to reside in the dense jungles of Coorg.

Cultural Importance:

Hulimavu Karagamma holds significant cultural importance among the Kodava people. She is seen as a symbol of their identity and heritage, and her worship is a way for them to connect with their ancestors and traditional way of life. The karaga dance is a unique cultural practice that has been passed down from generation to generation and is considered a key element of the Kodava culture.


The Huttari festival is the most significant festival associated with the worship of Hulimavu Karagamma. It is celebrated in the month of November or December and is a time for the Kodava people to offer their gratitude to Hulimavu Karagamma for her blessings and protection. The festival involves a range of rituals and festivities, including the karaga dance, traditional feasts, and cultural performances.


Hulimavu Karagamma is an important deity worshiped by the Kodava tribe of Karnataka. Her worship is closely associated with the Kodava culture and traditions, and her blessings are believed to bring fertility and protection to the community. The karaga dance and the Huttari festival are important cultural practices that highlight the significance of her worship among the Kodava people.


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