Jayanti is the daughter of Indra, the god of the Devas, and his consort Indrani, according to legend. Jayanti married Shukra, the Friday god and Guru of the Daityas, and their daughter is Devayani. Jayanti is Jayanta's sister, and she has the features of Devi Durga.

Jayanti is mentioned in several Puranas, Vedas, and other sacred texts. She resembles her mother Indrani in appearance, and she has been described as a chaste, holy, and pious woman. Her father Indra once sent her to disturb Guru Shukra's penance. Instead of interfering with Shukra's penance, she served Guru Shukra in a pleasing manner, winning his heart and becoming his consort. Despite being Indra's daughter, Jayanthi did not show her wealth to her consort Shukra. Even after she married him, she continued to eat only simple foods like fruits and greens and lived like a noble Rishi Pathni.

The Ramayana and Mahabharata both mention Jayanthi. She was kind to all the demons, especially the noble demons Prahalada, Mahabali, Namichi, and Vibhishana. Bhakta Prahalada regarded her as his own mother, Kayadu, and paid her high regard.

Lord Indra once wanted to defeat Prahalada, so he asked his daughter Jayanti for assistance. Though she was not interested in performing such an act, she agreed due to her father Indra's insistence. As a result, when Prahalada paid her a visit, she requested that he donate all of his good deeds (Punya) to his father Indra. Prahalada did this on purpose to please his Guru Pathni. In some of the temples dedicated to Guru Shukracharya in India, Mata Jayanthi can be seen alongside Guru Shukracharya. Worshiping her is thought to bring us the blessings of Lord Indra, Shukra, and Bhakta Prahalada.

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