Mariamman is also spelled Mariamma and Thandu. Mariamman is a holy rain goddess who is revered as a popular deity in Tamil Nadu. Mariamman is also associated with Mata Parvati and possesses Kali Devi characteristics. Festivals for Mariammam are grandly celebrated in the tamil month of "Aadi" which is known as "Aadi Thiruvizha". She is usually worshipped for curing diseases such as pox, stomach problems, and other dreadful ailments. She will also relieve us of mental disorders and provide us with great strength and energy to carry on with our lives.

Maariamman is also revered as a village deity, and pujas are mostly performed for her by non-Brahmin priests. Pujas to Amman would be performed by Brahmin priests at the Samayapuram Maariyamman temple.

Mariamman has been revered as a great goddess since antiquity. She is also known as "DURGA DEVI" and "SITHALA DEVI" in northern India.

During the festive season, she would be presented with pongal and koozh. In addition, important rituals such as fire walking, mouth piercing, and homams are performed in her temples.

Samayapuram Temple is a well-known Mariamman temple located near Trichy. Devotees would lavishly celebrate festivals in April and July and August.

Draupadi, the Pandavas' wife, is an incarnation of Marriamman. Many temples dedicated to her can be found throughout Tamil Nadu, including the Panchaliamman and Draupadiamman temples. Among her many temples is a popular small temple in Arumbakkam, near Koyambedu. Her devotees would celebrate Chittirai and Aadi festivals in grand style, and the temple authorities would also offer annadanam to the devotees during festival season.

Mata "VASUKU AMMAI," the wife of the divine poet "SRI THIRUVALLUVAR," is also regarded as another aspect of Maariamman, having saved her village from small pox and other dreaded diseases. Maariamman is also known as Muthu Maariamman because she cures small pox, chicken pox, and brings rain to drought-stricken areas. She is also regarded as another aspect of "RENUKA DEVI," the mother of Lord Parasurama, and is revered as Renuka Devi Amman in some parts of southern India.

Mariamman is also revered as the protector of villages, towns, and cities, as well as a guardian deity. Mariamman appears young, dressed in a red gown, and has a bright appearance with a glittering face. She also makes a blessing gesture with her right hand while holding weapons to destroy the world's evil forces.

Mariamman is the Kula Devi for many families in Tamil Nadu's Thanjavur district.

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