Matrikas are the mother goddesses who are always found in temples together. Matrikas are various manifestations of Ma Shakti Devi who have emerged from various deities and are consorts of Lord Indra, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva.

Matrikas are usually worshipped in seven different forms, but in some places, they are worshipped in eight different forms. The Matrikas are created to aid Ma Shakti Devi in her battle against the terrible demons. The Matrikas are described as warrior goddesses who would turn us into brave people and cure us of fever, hunger, and various diseases. They would purge the evils from our minds, instill the Shiva-Shakti Bhakti in us, and show us the spiritual path.

Matrikas are given a special place in the Selliyamman temple in Tiruchirapalli district, where they appear in a separate shrine and receive special puja and abhishekham on Fridays, Tuesdays, and other auspicious festival days. In Tamil Nadu, the matrikas are known as Saptakannigal and are worshipped in the majority of Lord Shiva and Shakti temples. Within the premises of the famous Mangadu Amman Temple, there is a separate shrine for Saptakannigal. Matrika worship has been practised in Tamil Nadu since Vedic times, and it is mentioned in some Hindu holy texts.

Some Saptamatrika shrines are located near lakes or rivers, and their idols are made of granite stones. They appeared in the dreams of the ancient kings and requested that separate shrines be built for them. During the puja, the Saptamatrika would be presented with fruits and flowers, and Mantras would be chanted. In our holy Hinduism, there are numerous deities. Saptamatrika worship is very popular among these deities, and it brings good results in our lives.

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