Modheshwari Devi

Mata Parvati's incarnation is Modheshwari Devi. She is the primary deity of Gujarat's Modh community.

Karnat was a fierce demon who disturbed the Brahmins and all other castes of people while performing their daily prayers, as well as the demi gods in heaven. As a result, all the demi gods and people on Earth approached Mata Parvati. When she learned of their plight, she became enraged and created Modheshwarimata, a Shakti devi. Mata Modheshwari has eighteen arms, with weapons in each hand, and appears fierce. She defeated the demon Karnat and saved the demi gods in heaven as well as the people on Earth.

The Modh sect of people in Gujarat worship Modeshwari mata as their kula devata.

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