The history of Nallathangal is based on her sufferings throughout her life, and she is popularly worshipped by the people of Tamil Nadu. It is believed that she is still alive and blessing her devotees in her temple. Due to starvation, she committed suicide by falling into the well with her seven children. After learning about the incident, her loving brother committed suicide by falling into the same well.

Nallathangal is a village deity who is worshipped. The temple is located in Vatrayiruppu, close to Srivilliputtur.


The village Vatrayiruppu was once ruled by the noble couples Ramalinga Sethupathi and Indrani. They have two kids. They were children when their parents died. Nallada Thambi, on the other hand, took proper care of her younger sister and married her to Kaziraja, a small ruler of the Sivaganga district.

She had a happy married life with her husband and seven children for a while. After a while, her area experienced severe famine for several years, and there was no rain. Many people died due to a lack of proper nutrition. As a result, she and her seven children moved to her brother's village.

Her brother's wife abused her and did not provide food for Nallathangal and her seven children while her brother was away on business. Nallathangal was deeply depressed as a result of her actions and committed suicide with her children. After a while, her brother also committed suicide. She became a goddess after death and is still blessing her true devotees and bestowing all kinds of blessings on them.

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