Rati Yogini

Rati Yogini is a goddess in Hinduism who is associated with love, desire, and sensuality. She is considered to be the consort of Kama, the god of love. Rati Yogini is also known as Kamakala Yogini, which means the Yogini of Desire.

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According to Hindu mythology, Rati Yogini was the wife of Kama, the god of love. She was known for her beauty and charm, and was considered to be the personification of desire and sensual pleasure. When Kama was killed by Shiva, Rati Yogini was devastated and went on a quest to bring him back to life. She eventually succeeded in convincing Shiva to revive Kama, and the two were reunited.

Religious Aspect:

Rati Yogini is worshipped by some devotees of Kama and Shiva, particularly those who seek blessings for love, desire, and fertility. She is also seen as a symbol of feminine power and beauty.


Rati Yogini is usually depicted as a beautiful woman with fair skin, long hair, and a sensuous figure. She is often shown holding a bow and arrow, which symbolizes her power to create desire and passion.

Cultural importance:

Rati Yogini is an important figure in Hindu mythology, particularly in relation to the god of love, Kama. Her story highlights the power of love and the importance of desire in human relationships.


Rati Yogini is not widely worshipped as an independent deity, so there are no specific festivals dedicated to her. However, some devotees may include her in their worship of Kama or Shiva.


Rati Yogini is a goddess in Hinduism who represents love, desire, and sensuality. Her story highlights the power of love and the importance of desire in human relationships.


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