Devotees pray to this form of Mother Divine - Skandamata - on the fifth day of Navratri. The word 'Skanda' in her name represents God Karthikeya or Kumara, while the word 'Mata' means mother, implying that the Goddess was Lord Skanda's mother.

It was believed that worshipping Maa Skandamata would grant wisdom, power, knowledge, and even salvation.


Ma Skandamata Devi possesses four arms. She holds a lotus in both of her hands. With one arm, she supports her divine son, Karthikeya. The fourth hand is in a position of blessing, granting the wishes of her devotees. She's got three eyes. One of her arms is shown holding her six-faced son, Karthikeya.

Because she is seated on a lotus, she is also known as Padmasana. She is riding a lion. Her skin is white, so she appears bright.


As she carries her divine son, Ma Skandamata Devi has a benevolent and blissful expression on her face. Her strength comes from the strength of a mother's love. She lavishes her devotees with affection comparable to the maternal love she lavishes on her son. Devotees who pray with a pure and dedicated heart to Ma Skandamata Devi are blessed with wisdom, wealth, power, prosperity, and salvation. They have a sense of calm, satisfaction, and bliss. Her blessings are said to make even the most intellectually challenged person intelligent. She helps her devotees progress toward deeper consciousness, which is the path to moksha, or enlightenment.


According to legend, there was once a great demon named Tarakasura who would frequently trouble the gods in heaven. He obtained a boon that he could not be killed by anyone other than Shiva's son by performing severe penance and pleasing the Creator, Lord Brahma. Shiva was in mourning at the time after his first wife, Sati, immolated herself. He had become a Yogi and had retired to the mountains, where he had practised severe austerity and meditation. Because it appeared that Lord Shiva would not reprise his role as a householder, this boon almost made Tarakasura invincible. As a result, he attacked the devas fearlessly, wreaking havoc in the heavens. Parvati, on the other hand, pleased Lord Shiva and persuaded him to abandon his asceticism through her deep devotion and steadfast penance. They married, and Lord Karthikeya was born as a result. He rose to command the army of gods that fought against the demons and killed Tarakasura. Thus, Lord Skanda or Karthikeya alleviated much torment and suffering in the heavens. Parvati was given the name Skandamata because she was the mother of such a brave son.


Skandamata represents maternal energy. Skanda, with his six faces, is thought to represent the six senses. Skandamata is the mother of the six knowledge systems or philosophical systems: Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Sankhya, Yoga, Vedanta, and Mimamsa. They are the six Vedic limbs, or bodies of knowledge.

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