Varaha's incarnation is the third in succession (second according to the Garuda Purana), in which Maha Vishnu in the form of a wild boar lifts the submerged earth from the bottom of the cosmic ocean with his tusks. Varaha is not only a boar, but also a rain cloud, a brahmana priest (angirasas), and the bearer of good news.

He symbolises the Vedic sacrifice, which supports and uplifts the world and beings. Varaha is mentioned in the Vedas, epics, and several Puranas. The Varaha Upanishad is named solely after this deity. This incarnation is linked to a number of legends.

According to Hindu legend, the Earth was dragged to the bottom of the sea by the demon Hiranyaksha. Lord Vishnu, in the form of a boar (Varaha Avatar), rescued it. They battled for a thousand years. The Varaha Avatar then slew the demon and raised the Earth from the waters with his tusks. Varaha Avatar is depicted in full animal form or with a boar's head and a man's body. He is depicted as a colossal boar with the Earth clinging to one of his tusks. In his half-human, half-animal form, he is frequently depicted standing with one leg bent, supporting Bhumi Devi.

Varaha Avatar's divine mission was to restore Dharma or righteousness and save the planet Earth from the hands of demons or Asuras. In the Satya Yug, Lord Vishnu took the Varaha Avatar. He became a Boar in order to protect the Earth (Prithvi). The Varaha Avatar is named after the Sanskrit word "Varaha" (Devanagari:,varha), which means "boar" or "wild boar." Varaha is a word from the Rig Veda that means "wild boar."

The Varaha Avatar Story

Varaha Avatar's origins can be traced back to Lord Vishnu's doorkeepers. Vaikuntha Loka is Lord Vishnu's abode. Two gatekeepers, Jaya and Vijaya, stood guard. They adored Lord Vishnu and felt privileged to be protecting him. Jaya and Vijaya were the ones who let people into the Vaikunta Loka to see the Lord. They understood that Lord Vishnu's time was valuable and could not be wasted.

Lord Brahma's four sons came to see Lord Vishnu in his Vaikunta Loka one day. Lord Vishnu, on the other hand, was sleeping at the time. As a result, Jaya and Vijaya prevented them from meeting Lord Vishnu. The sons of Lord Brahma were furious with Jaya and Vijaya. They cursed Jaya and Vijaya with being born as humans on Earth. Jaya and Vijaya begged forgiveness, but Lord Brahma's sons refused.

Lord Vishnu arrived at the location after hearing some noises. He apologised for his security guards. He claimed that they were only doing their job. Lord Brahma's sons stated that they could no longer reverse the curse and left the location.

Lord Vishnu then informed Jaya and Vijaya that the curse could only be lifted if they both died at his hands. This was agreed upon by the guards. Jaya and Vijaya were eventually born as brothers named Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaksha.

Hiranyaksha was a devout follower of Lord Brahma. For many years, he worshipped Lord Brahma and received the boon that no God, human, Asura, Devta, animal, or beast would be able to kill him. As a result, Hiranyaksha was assured of his immortality. He began torturing humans on Earth. He was such a giant that when he walked, the Earth trembled and the skies cracked.

Hiranyaksha persecuted the Devas and attacked Indra's heavenly palace. All of the Devas fled for their lives and hid in the caves of Earth's mountain ranges. Hiranyaksha snatched the Earth and threw it into the Patal Loka. As a result, the Earth sank to the ocean's depths.

Manu and his wife Shatrupa ruled the Earth at the time. When Manu and Shatrupa saw this, they went to Lord Brahma and expressed their grief. As a result, Lord Brahma informed them that they would have to seek the assistance of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Brahma was now contemplating Lord Vishnu. From his nostrils, a tiny boar fell. The monster grew and grew until it was the size of a mountain. Lord Vishnu had appeared. He stated that he would dive into the ocean to save Mother Earth.

As a result, Lord Vishnu assumed the Varaha Avatar (the form of a boar) in order to kill Hiranyaksha. Lord Vishnu dived to the ocean floor in search of Mother Earth with a great leap. He arrived at the bottom of the ocean and discovered Bhumi Devi.

Meanwhile, Hiranyaksha ran to the beach. He came across Varuna, Lord of the Oceans. Varuna Deva was challenged to a fight by him. Varuna, on the other hand, cleverly told Hiranyaksha that he must fight Lord Vishnu because he is only an equal opponent for him.

Narad arrived at this precise moment. Hiranyaksha inquired about Lord Vishnu's whereabouts. Lord Vishnu, according to Narad, was in the ocean rescuing Mother Earth. As a result, an enraged Hiranyaksha charged towards the ocean floor. Lord Varaha had carved his tusk into the ocean floor and lifted Mother Earth onto it. He started moving towards the surface.

Hiranyaksha spotted Lord Varaha and charged at him with his mace. He challenged Lord Vishnu to a battle as Varaha Avatar. Lord Varaha, on the other hand, protected Mother Earth.

Lord Varaha now turned to face Hiranyaksha. The demon struck the Lord with his mace. Lord Varaha, on the other hand, stepped aside. They fought for quite some time. Lord Brahma warned him at this point that he must destroy the demon before sunset so that he does not have the opportunity to use his black magic. So Varaha Avatar smacked Hiranyaksha across the face with his fist. He threw him up in the air. Hiranyaksha collapsed and died on the spot.

Manu now has his Earth back, and the Devas have their heaven back. As a result, Lord Vishnu as Varaha Avatar defeated Hiranyaksha and saved Mother Earth.

Who killed Lord Varaha?

Hiranyaksha was the demon who stole the Earth and fled. As a result, Lord Vishnu took the Varaha Avatar to save the Earth. It is believed that after saving the Earth, the Varaha Avatar has returned to Tirumala as Varaha Swami, where we can perform Darshan. At Tirumala, he is guiding people.

In fact, Lord Vishnu's Varaha Avatar is known as a "pulsar" avatar, which means that it was created to serve a single purpose and then vanish.

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