Is Yoga A Pseudo-Science?


I have gone through many books and studies on Yoga for the last many years. I read the yogic anatomy of every asana and also applied many things to my body as well.

What I feel is people misinterpret the meaning of Yoga and Its Benefits. There are a few things about Yoga that people misunderstood.

Breaking the Myths

Yoga is a therapy to cure the disease: According to Indian scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, and Our Yogic Philosophy, Yoga is the way to freedom. It’s a spiritual practice that provides a balanced energy system to our body. So, a healthy and disease-free body is the consequence of the practice, not the purpose of Yoga, like a flower is the consequence of the water, soil, and seed mixture but the purpose of the process is fruit or vegetable and not flower. Though Yoga treats many diseases it is written in every Yoga asana’s text that if there is any urgency for medical help then instead of yoga people should go for medical treatments. Yoga can work as therapy for many diseases but sometimes when the condition is more severe or when people are not able to perform any asana due to a lot of health issues then medical treatment is always recommended.


Yoga asana provides toxins free body: There are many asanas that stimulate the internal organs (like liver or pancreas) and helps in the proper functioning of the organs. And those organs are responsible to clean toxins from our body like kidney or liver. And it has been studied that many people get cured of diabetes and digestive issues after doing Yoga. So, asana’s benefit of removing the toxin doesn’t mean it will purify your body completely at the same moment. NO, obviously you should follow other things with asanas like diet and pranayama. That’s why Yoga is not only related to asana its a complete package of all asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, and meditation. So, asana alone won’t work in the body purification, other things also matter.

Me performing Uddiyana Bandha, great practice to remove toxins and boost energy

Yoga is sufficient for all fitness goals: NOOur body follows the specificity principle, which means our body will be trained only in those activities for which we are working out. Any stand-alone physical training is not sufficient for all fitness goals. Also, it’s not mentioned in any Yoga study that you can achieve all fitness goals through Yoga. We have to train our bodies into different training programs to achieve different fitness goals.

Me Performing Strength Training

Yoga asanas are risky and can cause Injury: I have read many books, many asanas I have tried, and saw many people who perform even many intense postures without any injury. As per my study, all asanas performed with counterposes and contra-indications, also for every asana there are always variations and steps. Like headstand, there is always rabbit pose, downward dog, and wide-legged forward bending postures are used as a preparatory pose for headstand. So before actually performing a headstand, to build strength in your neck muscles, you should prepare these postures. However, there is a chance of injury in every training program if you are not following the correct technique.

For the last 3.5 years, I am working with different clients, almost all age groups, I treat each one of them according to their strength and age. I teach all postures in my class from basic to intense.

All of my clients felt positive changes in their body and mind after joining Yoga classes. Even those who were doing Gym from last many years and finally they get relief from their body pain and other health issues after joining Yoga.

So basically, even if you are doing Yoga or any physical training you should listen to your body first and after that listen to your teacher. So, before performing any asana get clear about your body strength and the right way of doing it.

Variations of Natraj Pose from Basic to Advance

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