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Bhaja Govindam 1 17

अग्रे वह्निः पृष्ठे भानुः रात्रौ चुबुक समर्पित जानुः | करतल भिक्षस्-तरुतल वासः तदपि न मुञ्चत्याशा पाशः ‖ 17 ‖

agre vahniḥ pṛśhṭhe bhānuḥ rātrau chubuka samarpita jānuḥ | karatala bhikśhas-tarutala vāsaḥ tadapi na muñchatyāśā pāśaḥ ‖ 17 ‖


The ascetic warms his body with fire in front and the sun at the back. At night he dwells under a tree with his face huddled between the knees to keep out of the cold. In his hands, he holds the beggar’s alms and yet he does not let go of the noose of attachment to desire and passion.

- Sri Shankaracharya

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