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Katha Upanishad 1 28

अजीर्यताममृतानामुपेत्य जीर्यन्मर्त्यः क्वधःस्थः प्रजानन् । अभिध्यायन् वर्णरतिप्रमोदान् अतिदीर्घे जीविते को रमेत ॥

ajiryatamamrtanamupetya jiryanmartyah kvadhahsthah prajanan I abhidhyayan varnaratipramodan atidirghe jivite ko rameta II


Who among decaying mortals here below, having approached the undecaying immortals and coming to know that his higher needs may be fulfilled by them, would exult in a life over long,after he had pondered on the pleasures arising from beauty and song.

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