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Katha Upanishad 2 4

अस्य विस्रंसमानस्य शरीरस्थस्य देहिनः । देहाद्विमुच्यमानस्य किमत्र परिशिष्यते । एतद्वै तत् ॥ ४॥

asya visraṃsamānasya śarīrasthasya dehinaḥ . dehādvimucyamānasya kimatra pariśiṣyate . etadvai tat .. 4..


When the soul, identified with the body and dwelling in it, is torn away from the body, is freed from it, what then remains? 

- Sri Shankaracharya

English Translation

Com.—Again, of this âtman in the body, visramsamânasya ] escaping. Dehinah ] embodied. The meaning of the word visramsamâna is explained by the expression dêhât vimuchyamânasya (being free from the body); what here remains? nothing of the whole lot of prâna, etc., remains. Here] in the body; the âtman, on whose leaving the body, all this lot of effects and causes becomes in an instant enervated, destroyed and defunct, as in the case of the inhabitants of a city, when the lord of the city, is driven out of it, has been established to be some other than all this.

- Sri Shankracharya

English Translation

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