भयादस्याग्निस्तपति भयात्तपति सूर्यः । भयादिन्द्रश्च वायुश्च मृत्युर्धावति पञ्चमः ॥ ३॥

bhayādasyāgnistapati bhayāttapati sūryaḥ . bhayādindraśca vāyuśca mṛtyurdhāvati pañcamaḥ ll 3ll

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Shlok Meaning

English Translation

From terror of Brahman, fire burns; from terror of It, the sun shines; from terror of It, Indra and Vayu and Death, the fifth, run. 

English Commentary

Sri Shankara’s Commentary (Bhashya) translated by S. Sitarama Sastri

Com.—How the world lives from fear, of him, is explained. The fire burns from fear of him, the lord of all; the sun shines from fear; from fear, Indra and Wind; and Death, the fifth, runs; for, if Brahman did not exist as controller of the competent protectors of the world, like one with the thunderbolt uplifted in his hand, their well-regulated activity, as that of the servants trembling from fear of the master would not be possible.

S.Sitarama Sastri

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