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Tantralok 1 91

एवं स्वातन्त्र्यपूर्णत्वादतिदुर्घटकार्ययम्। केन नाम न रूपेण भासते परमेश्वरः॥९१॥

Evaṁ svātantryapūrṇatvādatidurghaṭakāryayam| Kena nāma na rūpeṇa bhāsate parameśvaraḥ||91||


So (evam), because of the Fullness of (His) Absolute Freedom (svātantrya-pūrṇatvāt), He (ayam) (is) the Doer of what is very difficult to be accomplished (atidurghaṭa-kārī). In what form then (kena nāma... rūpeṇa) (does) the Supreme Lord (parama-īśvaraḥ) not (na) become manifest (bhāsate)? --in short, He becomes manifest in all the forms--||91||

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