इह चेदशकद्बोद्धुं प्राक्षरीरस्य विस्रसः । ततः सर्गेषु लोकेषु शरीरत्वाय कल्पते ॥ ४॥

iha cedaśakadboddhuṃ prākṣarīrasya visrasaḥ . tataḥ sargeṣu lokeṣu śarīratvāya kalpate ll 4ll

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Shlok Meaning

English Translation

 If a man is able to realise Brahman here, before the falling asunder of his body, then he is liberated; if not, he is embodied again in the created worlds. 

English Commentary

Sri Shankara’s Commentary (Bhashya) translated by S. Sitarama Sastri

If he is able to know and knows even during life, this Brahman} the cause of fear, before the falling of the body, then he becomes freed from the bond of Samsâra. If he is not able to know, then, i.e., from want of that knowledge, he becomes able to take, i.e., he takes a body in earth and other worlds, where those who are fit to be created, are created. Therefore, before the falling of the body, attempt should be made to realise the âtman; for the realisation of the âtman even here will be clearly horrible as that of a face reflected in a mirror; not in other worlds except the Brahmalôka; and that is hard to reach.

S.Sitarama Sastri

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