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Bhaja Govindam 1 15

जटिलो मुण्डी लुञ्जित केशः काषायान्बर बहुकृत वेषः | पश्यन्नपि च न पश्यति मूढः उदर निमित्तं बहुकृत वेषः ‖ 15 ‖

jaṭilo muṇḍī luñjita keśaḥ kāśhāyānbara bahukṛta veśhaḥ | paśyannapi cha na paśyati mūḍhaḥ udara nimittaṃ bahukṛta veśhaḥ ‖ 15 ‖


There are many (ascetics) with matted hair, many with clean-shaven heads, many whose hair has been plucked out; some are clothed in orange, yet others parading in various colors -Indeed, these different disguises or apparels are only for their belly’s sake. Seeing the truth revealed before them, still the foolish ones can not see through these many disguises.

- Sri Shankaracharya

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