नित्योऽनित्यानां चेतनश्चेतनानाम् एको बहूनां यो विदधाति कामान् । तमात्मस्थं येऽनुपश्यन्ति धीराः तेषां शान्तिः शाश्वती नेतरेषाम् ॥ १३॥

nityo’nityānāṃ cetanaścetanānām eko bahūnāṃ yo vidadhāti kāmān . tamātmasthaṃ ye’nupaśyanti dhīrāḥ teṣāṃ śāntiḥ śāśvatī netareṣām ll 13ll

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Shlok Meaning

English Translation

There is One who is the eternal Reality among non-eternal objects, the one truly conscious Entity among conscious objects and who, though non-dual, fulfils the desires of many. Eternal peace belongs to the wise, who perceive Him within themselves-not to others. 


English Commentary

Sri Shankara’s Commentary (Bhashya) translated by S. Sitarama Sastri

Again, deathless among mortal things, conscious among the conscious, such as Brahma and other living beings. As the power of burning in water and the rest, which are not fire in themselves, is due to fire, so, the intelligence of others is due to the intelligence of the âtman; again, he, omniscient and lord over all, dispenses to those having desire, i.e., to those in samsâra, according to their respective karma, the fruits of karma and desired objects, according to his grace, himself one, to many, without effort. To such intelligent men as see him seated in their selves, eternal peace accrues, not to others, i.e., to those who do not see so.

S.Sitarama Sastri

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