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Tantralok 1 56

सर्वापह्नवहेवाकधर्माप्येवं हि वर्तते। ज्ञानमात्मार्थमित्येतन्नेति मां प्रति भासते॥५६॥

Sarvāpahnavahevākadharmāpyevaṁ hi vartate| Jñānamātmārthamityetanneti māṁ prati bhāsate||56||


Even (api) someone whose characteristic is an ardent desire to deny all --i.e. a Buddhist-- (sarva-apahnava-hevāka-dharmā) (who) maintains (vartate) in this way (evam hi): 'Knowledge (jñānam), knower --the subject-- (ātmā) (and) knowable --the object-- (artham), it seems to me (mām prati bhāsate) that (all) this does not exist (etad na iti)' --the same 'me' persists even in the middle of a negation like this one; and this 'me' is again Śiva; so, with his negation of all that has come out of the conscious Light, he is showing the existence of the conscious Light, i.e. of the Supreme Lord--||56||

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