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Tantralok 1 84

स्वस्थाने वर्तनं ज्ञेयं द्रष्टृत्वं विगतावृति। विविक्तवस्तुकथितशुद्धविज्ञाननिर्मलः॥८४॥

Svasthāne vartanaṁ jñeyaṁ draṣṭṛtvaṁ vigatāvṛti| Viviktavastukathitaśuddhavijñānanirmalaḥ||84||


(It is) the (ever-)uncovered State of the Subject (draṣṭṛtvam vigatāvṛti) which is to be known (jñeyam) as abiding (vartanam) in the Self --lit. in one's own place-- (sva-sthāne). The one who is totally immaculate due to the pure Knowledge which is described as the Reality that is separate from all (vivikta-vastu-kathita-śuddha-vijñāna-nirmalaḥ) is established in the main quality of 'grāma' --i.e. of the collection of tattva-s-- (grāma-dharma-vṛttiḥ).

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